Attachment with the Heritage Conservation Centre
Attachment with the Heritage Conservation Centre of the National Heritage Board on 'TECHINCAL ART HISTORY PROJECT' from November 2005 to mid 2007.
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International Travel Solo Exhibition
International Travel Solo Exhibition in Shanghai, Beijing, Canberra, Washington, Yangon starting in April 2006. Each lasting 4 to 6 weeks...
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Art Fair
The 2 art fairs were held in China: Shanghai Art Fair, from November 15th till 21st 2005 and Guangzhou Art Fair, from December 1st till 6th 2005...
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Stamps Launch
A series of ten stamps featuring ten watercolour paintings by him were launched on 18th February 2004 by the Singapore Post.
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Ong Kim Seng was recently a panel speaker for the "Art and society in 1950s: A Discussion Series on Art Collectives and Community" which was in conjunction with...
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Ong Kim Seng recently shared his personal experiences on watercolour art with 30 Malaysian art collectors in Kuala Lumpur.
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